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Medicinal Chemistry
Author(s) :Rama Rao Nadendla

ISBN : 9788188449415
Name : Medicinal Chemistry
Price : 1495.00
Author/s : Rama Rao Nadendla
Type : Text Book
Pages : 406
Year of Publication : 2008
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
Table of Contents : Click here
Chapter1 : Click here
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About the Book

This book deals with discovery and development of drugs for treating variety of diseases. The present edition of Medicinal Chemistry treats many aspects of drugs such as Structure-Activity Relationships, Mechanism of action, synthetic concepts and clinical uses. Synthetic procedures are described in mechanistic approach in simple language. It provides comprehensive chemistry of synthetic drugs.

In this book each chapter commences with an introduction followed by classification of drugs, Chemical names, structures and / or synthetic procedures, properties and uses of drugs.


1. Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, 2. General Principles of Drug Action, 3. Physicochemical Properties of Organic Medicinal Agents, 4. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships, 5. Drug Design, 6. Combinatorial Chemistry, 7. Sulfonamides, 8. Penicillins, 9. Cephalosporins, 10. Aminoglycosides, 11. Tetracyclines, 12. Macrolides, 13. Polypeptide and Miscellaneous Group of Antibiotics, 14. Urinary Antiseptics, 15. Anti-tubercular Drugs, 16. Antileprotic Drugs, 17. Antimalarials, 18. Antiprotozoals, 19. Anthelmentics, 20. Antifungal Agents, 21. Antiviral Agents, 22. Anticancer Drugs, 23. Gastrointestinal Agents, 24. Cardiovascular Agents, 25. Coagulants and Anticoagulants, 26. Diagnostic Agents, 27. Chemistry of Vitamins, 28. Steroids and Steriodal Drugs

About the Author

Rama Rao Nadendla is Principal at Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chalapathi Nagar, Lam, Guntur (Andhra Pradesh). He has 23 years experience in teaching and research. He secured Gold Medal in B.Pharmacy Examination from Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. He obtained M.Pharm with distinction from BITS, Pilani and Ph. D from JNTU, Hyderabad. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board Member of International Journal of Pharmaceutical Excipients and Chief Editor of Journal of Pharmaceutical Technolgy and Research. He is also a recipient of Professor M.L.Kohrana Memorial Best research Paper Award from IJPSc in 2001. He has already authored three books.
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