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Basic Concepts of Electrical Engineering
Author(s) :P. S. Subramanyam

ISBN : 9788178002781
Name : Basic Concepts of Electrical Engineering
Price : 550.00
Edition : 2nd Edition
Author/s : P. S. Subramanyam
Type : Text Book
Pages : 725
Year of Publication : 2013
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
Table of Contents : Click here
Chapter1 : Click here
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About the Book

An earnest attempt has been made in the book 'Basic Concepts of Electrical Engineering' to elucidate the principles and applications of Electrical Engineering and also its importance, so as to evince interest on the topics so that the student gets motivated to study the subject with interest.

                This book fully caters to the needs of students undergoing a course on “Basic Electrical Engineering” in C.S.E and I.T. disciplines in   J.N.T. University, Hyderabad. It also caters to the needs of the students of Mechanical and Civil Engineering Disciplines of J.N.T.U.H for the Electrical Engineering part (5 units) fully for their “Electrical and Electronics Engineering” subject.               

                The subject matter has been presented in a graded manner with the above objective in mind. This book is a revised edition of the earlier book, include following features:

  • Some additional information is given on Loop and Nodal Analysis using Kirchoff's Voltage Law and Current Law for understanding of the Circuit Analysis and A.C. Machines clearly.
  • A chapter on Magnetic Circuits and Electromagnetic Induction is added as a pre-requisite to understand Electrical Machines.
  • A chapter on Three Phase Systems is given separately to understand Three Phase Machines.
  • Additional topics like Stepper Motors and Universal Motors have been added and the book has been designed to cater to the needs of students studying Basic Electrical Engineering Course or Electrical Engineering Technology Course in different Universities.
  • For better understanding and grasp of the subject, a set of comprehension Questions and Excercises have been provided at the end of each chapter.


1. D.C. Circuit Concepts & Circuit Elements -I, 2. D.C. Circuit Analysis & Network Theorems, 3. Fundamentals of Alternating Current, 4. A.C. Circuit, 5. Magnetic Circuits & Electro - Magnetic Induction, 6. Transformers, 7. Rotating Machines -I - D.C. Machines, 8. Rotating MAchines-II-Synchronous Machines, 9. Rotating Machines - III-Induction Motors and Special Motors, 10. Electrical Measuring Instruments, 11. Introduction to Power System

About the Author

Dr. Subramanyam S. Pisupati, is a holder of Doctorate in Engineering from IIT, Madras has a vast experience in industrial (Electrical Power Generation and Control), academic and administrative areas. He is a fellow of The Institution of Engineers (India), fellow of National Federation of Engineers, senior member of IEEE, member of Computer Society of India, member of Indian Society for Technical Education. He has guided a number of B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D. projects in Power Systems, published a number of papers in National and International Journals and authored several textbooks.  Basically from Electrical Engineering discipline, he cross migrated to the field of Computer Science and Engineering, working as Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Information Technology for 20 years. Being Principal of J. B. Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, he is instrumental in getting additional branches and additional intake sanctioned. He is also instrumental in getting accreditation by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for J.B.I.E.T. He also got several PG courses like M.Tech., MCA and MBA  sanctioned for J.B.I.E.T.  He also got the Jawahar Knowledge Centre sanctioned for J.B.I.E.T. and ran it successfully. He got In-campus and Off-campus Placements done by several M.N.Cs for J.B.I.E.T. and students of other colleges also. At present Prof. Dr. P.S. Subramanyam is a Professor in the Department of E.E.E. in Vignana Bharathi Institute of Telchnology, Aushapur, Ghatkesar Mandal at the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Dr. P. S. Subramanyam has been awarded the Best Student Branch Councellor Award twice by IEEE, Hyderabad Section.

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