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Decision Diagram Techniques for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Design Handbook
Editor(s) :Svetlana N. Yanushkevich, D. Michael Miller, Vlad P. Shmerko , Radomir S. Stankovic

ISBN : 9780849334245
Name : Decision Diagram Techniques for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Design Handbook
Price : 4000.00
Editor/s : Svetlana N. Yanushkevich, D. Michael Miller
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 923
Year of Publication : Rpt.2013
Publisher : CRC Press/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
Table of Contents : Click here
Chapter1 : Click here
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About the Book

Decision diagram (DD) techniques are very popular in the electronic design automation (EDA) of integrated circuits, and for good reason. They can accurately simulate logic design, can show where to make reductions in complexity, and can be easily modified to model different scenarios.

Presenting DD techniques from an applied perspective, Decision Diagram Techniques for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Design Handbook provides a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of DD techniques. Experts with more than forty years of combined experience in both industrial and academic settings demonstrate how to apply the techniques to full advantage with more than 400 examples and illustrations. Beginning with the fundamental theory, data structures, and logic underlying DD techniques, they explore a breadth of topics from arithmetic and word-level representations to spectral techniques and event-driven analysis. The book also includes abundant references to more detailed information and additional applications.


  • Provides a comprehensive collection of classical, state-of-the-art, and prospective data structures in a tutorial manner
  • Explains the computational aspects of DD techniques along with new methods of advanced logic design
  • Addresses the central role of topological models based on decision trees and diagrams embedded in spatial structures
  • Explores the information theoretic approach and stochastic computing for the modeling and simulation of logic circuits

    Includes emerging areas such as three-dimensional techniques for nano devices and methods for developing new DDs

Decision Diagram Techniques for Micro- and Nano electronic Design Handbook collects the theory, methods, and practical knowledge necessary to design more advanced circuits and places it at your fingertips in a single, concise reference.


I: FUNDAMENTALS OF DECISION DIAGRAM TECHNIQUES, 1. Introduction, 2. Data Structures, 3. Graphical Data Structures, 4. AND-EXOR Expressions, Trees, and Diagrams, 5. Arithmetic Representations, 6. Word-Level Representations, 7. Spectral Techniques, 8. Information-Theoretical Measures, 9. Event-Driven Analysis, II: DECISION DIAGRAM TECHNIQUES FOR SWITCHING FUNCTIONS, 10. Introduction, 11. Classification of Decision Diagrams, 12. Variable Ordering in Decision Diagrams, 13. Spectral Decision Diagrams, 14. Linearly Transformed Decision Diagrams, 15. Decision Diagrams for Arithmetic Circuits, 16. Edge-Valued Decision Diagrams, 17. Word-Level Decision Diagrams, 18. Minimization via Decision Diagrams, 19. Decision Diagrams for Incompletely Specified Functions, 20. Probabilistic Decision Diagram Techniques, 21. Power Consumption Analysis using Decision Diagrams, 22. Formal Verification of Circuits, 23. Ternary Decision Diagrams, 24. Information-Theoretical Measures in Decision Diagrams, 25. Decomposition Using Decision Diagrams, 26. Complexity of Decision Diagrams, 27. Programming of Decision Diagrams, III: DECISION DIAGRAM TECHNIQUES FOR MULTIVALUED FUNCTIONS, 28. Introduction, 29. Multivalued Functions, 30. Spectral Transforms of Multivalued Functions, 31. Classification of Multivalued Decision Diagrams, 32. Event-Driven Analysis in Multivalued Systems, IV: SELECTED TOPICS OF DECISION DIAGRAM TECHNIQUES, 33. Introduction, 34. Three-Dimensional Techniques, 35. Decision Diagrams in Reversible Logic, 36. Decision Diagrams on Quaternion Groups, 37. Linear Word-Level Decision Diagrams, 38. Fibonacci Decision Diagrams, 39. Techniques of Computing via Taylor-Like Expansions, 40. Developing New Decision Diagrams, 41. Historical Perspectives and Open Problems
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