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Learning from Experience: Memories of an Industrial Pharmacist
Author(s) :Manohar A. Potdar

ISBN : 9788178003061
Name : Learning from Experience: Memories of an Industrial Pharmacist
Price : 250.00
Author/s : Manohar A. Potdar
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 280
Year of Publication : 2014
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
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About the Book

Dr. Potdar has been eclectic in harvesting up the illustrations from his career. Immense and wide ranging exposure to  industrial life, these instances could be of colossal significance to bourgeoning as well as young Pharmacists. Erudite Potdar has pragmatically analysed these occasions for the benefit of Pharmacist Community. In today's very fluid and muddle scenario hovering over the Pharma Industry, these experiences could be a light house for those who would like to flourish. Technological advances/affluence of plethora of available knowledge if blended with right learning from genuine guidance as elaborate as in  this could be a wonderful formulation of a Pharmacist.

Shyam Khante

Ex. Technical Director,



1. How I Landed into Pharmacy,  2. The First Job Ever, 3. One Pan Balance, 4. Water Analysis,

5. Leaving the First Job, 6. Job of a Production Man, 7. Wrong Addition, 8. Dropping the Glass Thermometer in the Pan, 9. “Otrivin” Failure, 10. Mr. Yasin - Sense of Personal Relations,

11. Sky is the Limit (Mr. Kulkarni’s Case), 12. My Days at Pilani, 13. Sweet Bengal Bhojan (BITS), 14. Last Day in BITS Pilani, 15. Turning Point, 16. My First Job after M. Pharm, 17. My First Day at Hoechst, 18. Pro-employee Attitude, 19. Big Bag Small Bag Incident, 20. Mid Night Walk - a matter of Attitude, 21. Colourful Avil Expectorant, 22. Double Default in Vita-Hext, 23. Terrible Noise, 24. Story of Chloraphenicol in Catilan Capsules, 25. Pallet in the Rain, 26. Bosses Apron, 27. cGMP and CAP, 28. Tika on Forehead, 29. No Job is Big or Small, it is only Different, 30. The Hostacycline Mystery, 31. Novalgin-Baralgan Compression, 32. Go-Slow, 33. Enthusiam Vs Practicality, 34. Leave Application, 35. Hunger Strike, 36. Case of Calciluvin, 37. Plastic Pill in a Strip, 38. Meeting the Big Labour Leader, 39. High Performance Liquid Chromatography, 40. A Case of Simple Logic than Technology, 41. Free Trip to London, 42. A Good Fishy Smell, 43. Misbranded Drug, 44. Double Batch Numbering, 45. GMP-Day, 46. Learning from Mr. Parab of Lupin, 47. Asking Questions, 48. Working for People, 49. Avoid Gross Contamination, 50. Managerial Style, 51. Dr. Willow’s Inspection, 52. Backlog of Incomplete BPCRs, 53. I don’t Want to see Your Faces, 54. Learning Validation, 55. Video Taping of Validation, 56. On the Bank of the River Kshipra, 57. Fun of working on Projects, 58. Sky is the Limit (Mr. Joseph’s case), 59. Using Muscle Power, 60. Interview in Cadila Pharma, 61. First Day in Cadila Pharma, 62. Meeting at 6.00 A.M. , 63. Raghuvir Mangalurkar - the Goan Connection, 64. Simple IPQC Techniques, 65. Matinee with Director, 66. We Work only Half Day on Saturday, 67. Do You have an SOP on Lawn Mowing, 68. Inspection of Labelling Machine, 69. Hair in Tablet, 70. MCC Audit at Plethico, 71. The Black Diwali, 72. The Project Meeting, 73. Monitoring men in Sterile Filling, 74. The Misty Issue, 75. Dedication to Work - Managing by Style

About the Author

Dr. Manohar A. Potdar, M. Pharm (BITS Pilani),  Ph.D. (Production Management) USA was a professor emeritus of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Poona College of Pharmacy, Barati Vidyapeeth University, Pune, India. He taught Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Pharmaceutical Administration, Pharmaceutical Technology, Plant Design and Operations and Quality Assurance Techniques. He guided many research students in the above subjects.

                He has more than forty years industrial experience gained from Indian and Multinational companies like M.S.D., Burroughs Wellcome, Ranbaxy, Lupin, Wockhardt, Cadila, Alkem, etc. He has successfully handled various responsibilities in the area of Q.C/Q.A, Production, Project Management besides executing International Regulatory Audits of W.H.O, TGA, MHRA, MCC and USFDA.

                With his Post Graduate Diploma in Training and Development from I.S.T.D. (India) background, he has actively participated in various industrial training programmes. He is very much sought after trainer and consultant in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
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