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Elementary Pharmacoinformatics
Author(s) :T. Durai Ananda Kumar

ISBN : 9788178003153
Name : Elementary Pharmacoinformatics
Price : 450.00
Author/s : T. Durai Ananda Kumar
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 328
Year of Publication : 2014
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
Table of Contents : Click here
Chapter1 : Click here
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About the Book

Pharmacoinformatics is an informatics based discipline, concerned with the information, design,  discovery and development of drugs using high performance computing and graphic tools. This material covers principles and applications of health informatics, cheminformatics and bioinformatics. It comprehensively covers the current advances and in silico strategies used in drug information and drug design. Each of 29 chapters reviews the concepts of pharmacy automation, mechanistic drug design and bioinformatics. The book avoids the use of high level descriptions to convert the subject interesting. This concise source of information will be of immense benefit to the learning community of pharmacy, bio-technology, biomedical engineering and other interdisciplinary fields.

Distinct features of this book

· Explanations for the entry level student are the important feature of this material

· Neat and self explanatory diagrams are incorporated wherever possible to bring user-friendly material

· Four major parts with 29 chapters proceeds in very systematic and with lucid language

· Each chapter is provided with practical application part, which ensures the better understanding

· Comprehensive overview on in silico methods of drug information and drug design

· Emphasis on molecular level approach of drug design strategies

· The application section of this material provides opportunity to have hands-on-experience

Other book by Same Author


T. Durai Ananda Kumar and N. Swathi

The book titled “Experimental ORGANIC and MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY” contains comprehensive list of laboratory techniques and important chemical reactions. Special emphasis is given for the laboratory operations and safety rules. It features a large number of traditional organic reactions, isolation of natural products and qualitative analysis and quantitative determinations of organic medicinal compounds. The importance of green chemistry and related experiments also incorporated in this material. The experiments described are very simple to carry out and does not require any special equipments. This material is intended for the students of B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry) and other organic-medicinal chemistry discipline.

Distinct features of this book

· Descriptions followed systematic approach with very simple language

· Neat and self explanatory reaction mechanisms given for all the chemical reactions

· Role of reagents, alternative reagents and hazards associated are highlighted

· Pharmaceutical relevance is given wherever possible

· Limit tests, qualitative analysis of inorganic, natural and synthetic organic compounds are given in very lucid manner

· Estimations of natural and organic-medicinal compounds are given along with isolation of active principles from natural resources


1. Databases, 2. Data Mining, 3. Search Machines, 4. Drug Information, 5. Pharmacy Automation, 6. Drug Discovery, 7. Drug Development, 8. Drug Design, 9. Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (Qsar), 10. Virtual Screening, 11. Target Identification, 12. Molecular Modeling, 13. Docking, 14. Arguslab, 15. Biological Databases, 16. Biophysical Techniques, 17. Molecular Biology, 18. Homology Modeling, 19. Sequence Similarity, 20. Dot Matrix, 21. Dynamic Programming, 22. Heuristic Method, 23. Sequence Comparison Methods, 24. Phylogenetic Analysis, 25. Gene Prediction, 26. Scoring System, 27. 3d Structure Prediction Using Swiss Model, 28. Molecular Visualization, 29. Receptors

About the Author

T. Durai Ananda Kumar, M Pharm, is working as a senior Assistant Professor, in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy, Bachupally, Hyderabad. He is handling Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacoinformatics subjects for B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy students. His research activities focus on the synthesis of small molecules, generalization of phase transfer catalysts using DoE and molecular modeling studies on nitrogen heterocycles. He is guiding research projects for M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) students. The author is life member of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India and has several research publications in reputed national and international journals.
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