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Aviation Meteorology
Author(s) :Navale Pandharinath

ISBN : 9789381075500
Name : Aviation Meteorology
Price : 2495.00
Author/s : Navale Pandharinath
Type : Text Book
Pages : 903
Year of Publication : 2012
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
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About the Book

This book is primarily meant for professional trainee pilots of all categories as prescribed by DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) and particularly for Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) and Airlines Transport Pilots Licence.

The  book covers

Atmosphere Weather elements Atmospheric Density Water in the atmosphere Atmospheric processes Winds and Atmospheric circulation Global patterns of pressure, temperature, wind Clouds and Precipitation Air masses and fronts Aviation weather reports Broadcast of weather reports.

Salient features:

           Covers the whole range of syllabus of all categories of pilot courses prescribed by DGCA, particularly CPL, ATPL, the ultimate courses.

           As per the examination system of DGCA, multiple Choice (objective) questions with answers (about 1300) have been provided at the end of each chapter.

           Also provided a miscellaneous Question Bank at the end of the book.

           World Area Forecasts such as grid point data in digital and numerical form, prognostic charts of significant weather, SIGMET information, VOLMET Broad Cast are described sufficiently.

           Meteorological observations consists of units of measurement, observatory set up, automatic weather observing system are covered.

           Brief description of weather satellites, IMD Meteorological Data Processing system are given.

           Aviation weather reports and Forecasts codes have been given which were evolved by WMO in consultation with ICAO.

             Great care has been taken to explain each term of the code METAR, SPECI, CODAR, WINTEM Reports and TAF, ARFOR, ROFOR forecasts.


1. The Sun 2. The Motion of the Earth 3. The Atmosphere 4. Atmospheric Pressure 5. Altimetry 6. Density and Density Altitude 7. Water in the Atmosphere 8. Temperatures, Laps Rates and Stability of Atmosphere 9. Atmospheric Aerosols and Turbulence 10. Cloud Classification 11. Meteors, Cloud Formation and Dissipation 12. Precipitation Processes 13. Thunderstorms 14. Aviation Hazards Associated with Thunderstorms 15. Radar and its Application in Weather Detection 16. Hailstorms 17. Tornadoes, Waterspouts, Dust Devils 18. Ice Accretion on Aircraft 19. Visibility and Fog 20. The Surface Wind 21. Divergence, Vortical Motion and Vorticity 22. Wind Shear, Clear Air-Turbulence and Jet Streams 23. Air Masses and Fronts 24. Tropical Meteorology 25. Tropical Cyclone 26. Monsoons 27. The General Circulation of the Atmosphere 28. Climatolgy 29. Climate of India 30. Western Disturbances and Summer Thunderstorm over India 31. General Aviation Services 32. Meteorological Services for International Air Navigation 33. World Area Forecast System (WAFS) 34. Meteorological Observations 35. Satellite Meteorology 36. Climatology for Aviators 37. Aviation Weather Reports and Codes 38. Aviation Weather Forecasts and Codes 39. SIGMET and AIRMET Information and Aerodrome Warnings 40. Meteorology for Helicopter Operations

About the Authors

Navale Pandharinath is a retired Director of India Meteorological Department. He obtained his Post graduate degrees in Mathematics and Statistics from Osmania University. He has undergone departmental Advanced Training in Meteorology at Pune. He has rich experience both in aviation and non-aviation weather forecasting, cyclone warnings, Flood Meterological Work, Agriculture work. He has published more than 30 research papers in departmental journals - Mausam, Vayumandal and in national international Seminars and symposiums. He has published with us two books A course in Dynamic Meteorology, The science of Weather and Environment and a senior coauthor of another book Earth and Atmospheric Disasters Management.
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