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Fundamentals of Drug Metabolism and Drug Disposition
Author(s) :Bert N. La Du, H George Mandel, E Leong Way

ISBN : 9788188449217
Name : Fundamentals of Drug Metabolism and Drug Disposition
Price : 2495.00
Author/s : Bert N. La Du, H George Mandel
Type : Text Book
Pages : 615
Year of Publication : 2011
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback


Part 1: Physical Properties of Drugs, Distribution, and Excretion 1. Transmembrane Movement of Drug Molecules 2. Drug Absorption 3. The Distribution of Drugs 4. Protein Binding 5. Drug Entry into Brain and Cerebrospinal Fluid 6. Placental Transfer of Drugs 7. Pulmonary Disposition of Drugs 8. Renal Excretion of Drugs 9. Extrarenal Excretion of Drugs Part 2: Drug Biotransformation: Environmental and Genetic Factors which Modify Drug Metabolism 10. Pathways of Drug Biotransformation: Biochemical Conjugations 11. Species Variations in Drug Biotransformations 12. Microsomal Enzyme Systems which Catalyze 13. Environmental Factors Influencing Drug Metabolism 14. Mechanisms of Induction of Drug Metabolism Enzymes 15. Genetic Factors Modifying Drug Metabolism and Drug Response 16. The value of Determining the Plasma Concentration of Drugs in Animals and Man 17. Application of Metabolic and Disposition Studies in the Development and Evaluation of Drugs Part 3: Techniques For Studying Drug Biotransformation 18. Techniques for Studying Drug Disposition In Vivo 19. Techniques for Studying Drug Metabolism In Vitro 20. Isolation Procedures–Liquid Extraction and Isolation Techniques 21. Isolation and Identification Procedures–Spectral Methods 22. Qualitative and Quantitative Applications of Thin-Layer, Gas-Liquid, and Column Chromatography 23. Applications of Tracer Techniques in Drug Metabolism Studies 24. Autoradiography in Drug Disposition Studies 25. Application of Computers in Drug Metabolism Studies Part 4: Laboratory Experiments in the Study of Drug Metabolism and Drug Disposition 26. General Principles and Procedures for Drug Metabolism In Vitro 27. Experiments Illustrating Drug Metabolism In Vitro 28. Experiments Illustrating Drug Distribution and Excretion 29. Correlation of Drug Disposition with Pharmacologic Actions

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Updated January 2014
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