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Basics of Drug Analysis
Author(s) :G. Vidya Sagar

ISBN : 9788188449687
Name : Basics of Drug Analysis
Price : 1795.00
Author/s : G. Vidya Sagar
Type : Text Book
Pages : 484
Year of Publication : 2009
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
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About the Book

The Textbook 'Basics of Drug Analysis' is for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Pharmaceutical Sciences and students pursuing studies in Drug Analysis and Assay. It is an ideal compendium for an introductory study on Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Lots of new analytical techniques have saw light in the recent decade. This book gives a lucid exposition of theoretical principles, instrumentation and Pharmaceutical applications of various fundamental and basic topics of drug analysis like gravimentry, titrimetry, qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques.

In writing this book, much care has been taken to use simple language to explain complex concepts and include easy drawing diagrams. Several chapters have been dealt elaborately well suited for analysts, quality control chemists and those employed in Pharmaceutical industry.


· Full coverage of the Pharm.D. syllabus for Pharmaceutical Analysis

· Covers all the topics of Basic Drug Analysis and suitable for the syllabus of all the Indian Universities offering Drug Analysis subject.

· Simple language and lucid presentation

· Ideal reference for professional Pharma Analysts and Academicians.


1. Quality Assurance, 2. Fundamental Concepts in Volumetric Analysis, 3. Acidimetry and Alkalimetry, 4. Gravimetric Analysis, 5. Non-aqueous Titrations, 6. Complexometric Titrations, 7. Diazotisation Titrations (Sodium Nitrite Titrations), 8. Oxidation–reduction titrations, 9. Precipitation Titrations, 10. Functional Group Analysis, 11. Polarography, 12. Electro-Analytical Methods or Electro-Chemical methods of Analysis, 13. Potentiometry or pH metry, 14. Amperometric Titrations, 15. Solvent Extraction, 16. Kjeldahl Method, 17. Karl Fischer Titration, 18. Oxygen Flask Combustion Method, 19. Errors and Statistics, 20. Miscellaneous Methods, 21. Gasometry, 22. Safety Measures, Prevention and First-Aid in Laboratory, 23. Calibration of Volumetric Glassware, 24. Radioimmunoassay, 25. Polarimetry, 26. Refractometry

About the Author

Prof. G. Vidya Sagar, is presently working as Director & Principal of Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy, Mandvi, Kutch (Gujarat) and Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj. With a teaching experience of over 20 years, Prof. Vidya Sagar has authored 12 popular textbooks in Pharmaceutical Sciences which has gained wide acclaim. He has 150 review articles and 70 research publications to his credit.

            G. Vidya Sagar is a popular figure in Pharmaceutical Parlance. He is an examiner, paper setter and PG & Ph.D. thesis adjudicator for several Indian Universities. He served as Chairman, Board of Studies (Pharmacy) of Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, and A.P. He is an editorial board member of several prestigious journals and chaired many scientific sessions of National and International conferences. He has served as a Resource person for various UGC, AICTE and MCI faculty development programmes. His areas of research include Analytical method development of drugs and Pharmacological & Phytochemical screening of medicinally useful plant drugs.

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