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Advanced Medicinal Chemistry: A Laboratory Guide
Author(s) :M. Raghu Prasad, A. Raghuram Rao

ISBN : 9789381075661
Name : Advanced Medicinal Chemistry: A Laboratory Guide
Price : 350.00
Author/s : M. Raghu Prasad, A. Raghuram Rao
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 378
Year of Publication : Rpt. 2018
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
Table of Contents : Click here
Chapter1 : Click here
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About the Book

Although some practical manuals are available for understanding different aspects of Medicinal Chemistry, none of them covers broadly. This necessitated the authors to compile “Advanced Medicinal Chemistry – A Practical Guide” to suit the requirements of postgraduate (PG) students of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, quality assurance, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry. It is useful to PG students of chemistry, biotechnology and allied fields too.

                A sincere effort has been made to cover all aspects of Medicinal Chemistry in a comprehensive manner such as: isolation of active ingredients from natural sources including the current extraction techniques (Part A); purification and drying of solvents (Part B); details of synthesis of drugs and drug intermediates like synthetic procedure, reaction mechanism, retrosynthetic analysis, physical properties, uses, along with references (Part C); analytical methods of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in different formulations (Part D); oil and fat analysis (Part E). Further Part F offers the readers to train themselves in interpreting UV, IR, NMR, Mass spectra while Part G emphasizes on the essentials of bioinformatics and molecular modeling, the backbone for drug design.


Part A: Isolation of natural products of Medicinal interest, Part B: Solvent purification techniques, Part C: Synthesis of drug intermediates and Drug candidates, Part D: Quantitative estimation of Drugs / API’s in formulations, Part E: Analysis of oils and fats, Part F: Interpretation of different spectra, Part G: Essentials of bioinformatics and Molecular modeling

About the Author

M. Raghu Prasad, M Pharm, Ph.D., is working as Professor and Head, Pharmaceutical Chemistry division of Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy, Bhimavaram. He is the recipient of Career Award for Young Teachers from AICTE and Fast Track Fellowship for Young Scientists from SERC, DST. Apart from the above he has received research grants from CSIR and International Travel Grant from AICTE, DST and ICMR . His research activity has been focused on design and synthesis of ligands for adenosine receptors and P2 receptors in collaborations with Prof. Dr. Christa E. Mueller & Prof. Ivar von Kugelgen from University of Bonn and Prof. Dr. Karl Norbert Klotz, University of Wurzburg followed by design and synthesis of aromatase enzyme inhibitors in collaboration with Dr. Lili Ma from Northern Kentucky University.  He has several research publications of international repute and has contributed an introductory chapter entitled “NMR – A Gateway to Drug Discovery” to the E-Book edited by Prof. Attah-Ur-Rehman & published by Bentham Series. He is the technical consultant to a pharmaceutical industry. He is the recipient of Gold Medal from Vasavi Union Trust, Bangalore. He has a decade of industrial and academic research experience.

Akkinepally Raghuram Rao is currently Professor and Head, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division, Kakatiya University (KU), Warangal and well-known for his contributions in the field of medicinal chemistry teaching and research. A Gold Medalist in M. Pharm. (Andhra University, 1984), Professor Rao had his early training under renowned teachers like Prof. E. Venkata Rao (M. Pharm.), Prof. V. Malla Reddy (Ph. D.) and Prof. J. Reisch (Post-doc at University of Muenster, Germany). Serving at KU over two and half decades, Prof. Rao also taught pharmaceutical chemistry in Germany, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Panjab University, Chandigarh. He received DAAD Fellowship (Germany), Career Award (AICTE) and Dr (Mrs) Manjushree Paul Memorial Award for Best Pharmaceutical Scientist 2010 (APTI). He published over eighty research publications in National and International journals and serving as a member of Editorial and Advisory Boards of several leading journals. Being a technical consultant to four industries, Prof. Rao has six patents and three of his molecules are in preclinical studies for breast cancer therapy.
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