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Musings of Barefoot Bankers Lessons from Ground Zero: Moorings for Financial Inclusion
Author(s) :Varanasi Bhaskara Rao

ISBN : 9789381075784
Name : Musings of Barefoot Bankers Lessons from Ground Zero: Moorings for Financial Inclusion
Price : 895.00
Author/s : Varanasi Bhaskara Rao
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 573
Year of Publication : 2012
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
Table of Contents : Click here
Chapter1 : Click here
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About the Book

The book is aimed at

1. Youth who wish to make banking career with a rewarding stint in rural areas as spring board for fast track career.

2. Existing bank staff in their career beginning.

3. Managers at all levels of administration.

4. Students of Business Management

5. Anyone who is interested in the life-altering experience of unleashing the “fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”. (Foreword)


Evocatively titled… book emerges as a significant and well-timed effort .. turns out to be essential reading for any one who is interested in life altering experience of un-leashing. ‘The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid.’

Dr.K.C.Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor, RBI

Mr.Bhaskara Rao’s emphasis on the development of the individual, his ideas, his ideals and the need for personal transformation for improved performance is both timely and relevant. This book should be available not only in every branch of the banks but also on the shelves of libraries in management institutions, engineering colleges and in the hands of avid readers.

Sri M.Gopalakrishna, IAS (Retd.)

… While technology can be of some help, without a dedicated band of barefoot bankers, it will not be possible to achieve Financial Inclusion.

Sri S.Narayanan, IAS (Retd.)

The cartoons are a valuable addition – they aid comprehension and give the book a ‘friendly’ look.

Prof. S. Ramnarayan, Indian School of Business

What makes the book particularly enjoyable is its architecture, imaginatively designed and interestingly presented with illustrations, photographs, anecdotes, aphorism – all conveying a message.. to a larger society.. commendable and timely.

Dr.A.Prasanna Kumar. Director, Centre for Policy Studies

Mr.Rao gave an identity to Barefoot Banker worthy of emulation.

Dr.A.K.Khandelwal, Former CMD of Bank of Baroda & Dena Bank

A very insightful study.. the frame work of inclusive knowledge for inclusive banking. I compliment Mr.Varanasi for his ‘spontaneous optimism’ to use his experiences and knowledge to make a difference.

Prof. V.S.Prasad, Former Director, NAAC.

The book helps pointing out many eye opening lessons for barefoot bankers to participate in this great revolution India may go through.

Prof. T.V.Rao, Chairman, TVRLS

This book will inspire the career conscious young men and women who will be sensitized to the emerging opportunities and challenges with right perspective.

Sri M.Balachandran, Director, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (Former CMD, Bank of India)

The Musings of Barefoot Bankers is a wealth of wisdom… it will delight any one interested in rural India – bankers, agricultural officers, veterinarians, rural development officials.

Prof.Ram Kumar, Kerela Veternary and Animal Sciences Universty, Trichur.


Volume – I : Internal Milieu, Part-I:  Episodic Memories Part-II : Emergence of Barefoot Banker Part-III : Managerial Insights, Volume– II  : External Environment, Part-Iv : Political Economy – Rhetoric  and Reality, Part-V : Financial Inclusion & Challenges

About the Authors

A grass-roots man who turned an academician. A true HRD Man who took to HRD like fish to the water when he became faculty in Bank of Baroda Staff College in Ahmedabad and served there for over 10 years. Before he became an academician he served as Manager in a backward and rainfed area, when ‘he took steps to make rural credit systems more effective and functional in collaboration with the district administration’. ‘He always went out and met things rather than wait for things to meet him’. After retirement as a freelance HR trainer, he continued his training for personal development for nearly twenty years to both the students, employees and managers on role clarity, role transition, role-efficacy etc. It was during this period he grew as an author. ‘He has been a banker, thinker, trainer and author – a rare combination for number crunching bankers’. Now that number crunching is left to computers, he feels, the banker is free to do things which man alone can do and feels he made a life time contribution through this work.
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