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Compete or Forfeit ! Strategies for Sustainable Competitive Edge in Pharma Product Patent Era
Author(s) :Subba Rao

ISBN : 8188449261
Name : Compete or Forfeit ! Strategies for Sustainable Competitive Edge in Pharma Product Patent Era
Price : 695.00
Author/s : Subba Rao
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 387
Year of Publication : 2007
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
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About the Book

The pharmaceutical world is not flat. Only three regions - (North America, Western Europe and Japan), which inhabit a mere 13 per cent of population account for over 80 per cent of world pharmaceutical market. This is however changing mainly due to the rapid genericization driven by the winds of declining R&D productivity, vanishing market exclusivities consequent to patent expiries, and ever-increasing efforts by virtually every government on earth to contain healthcare costs.

Compete or Forfeit is the story of a small bunch of flatteners (about a dozen) and eighteen other firms who are followers or early adopters of these flatteners from India, who are determined to level the pharmaceutical world by creating world-class technological and manufacturing infrastructure and research and development capabilities. While these champion-entrepreneurs originate from the Indian sub-continent, their strategic vision and game plans are not restricted to any one nation or region and therefore, all the elements of their strategies are applicable to all aspiring companies who want to enhance their competitiveness and are raring to compete, wherever they are situated be it China, Latin America, CEE, Africa, Russia or Asia.

Compete or Forfeit offers very valuable insights into what can be done and more importantly how it can be done by showing how these thirty companies discussed in the book have accomplished in a tough, ruthless and unforgiving market place that demands nothing but the best and how they are converting entry barriers into gateways to the remunerative first world markets. These companies already account for:

       Over 80 per cent of all ANDAs and DMFs filed by Indian companies  in the US, the largest generic market in the world

       Over 90 per cent of all acquisitions made by Indian Pharma companies overseas

       Over 75 per cent of all exports of APIs, and FDFs  from India

       The maximum number of US FDA inspected facilities outside the US

To Develop World Class capabilities in todays hyper competitive world is no longer a matter of choice. It is rather mandatory.Remember if you are not competing you are forfeiting an opportunity to succeed.


1. Compete or Forfeit!   

2. Brave New World of Pharma!

3. WTO and Pharmaceutical Industry

4. Competing for WTO Era: The Indian Experience           

5. Strategic Focus

6. Critical Mass

7. Marketing Focus

8. Technology Focus

9. Research Focus

10. Global Mindset

11. Winners and Spectators

12. Winners Check list

About the Author

Subba Rao Chaganti has over thirty-six years of rich and varied experience covering all facets and the whole gamut of pharmaceutical marketing and management. His work experience spans both domestic and international marketing in both domestic and multinational sectors.

He is Presently the Editor of the South Asian edition of Pharmaceutical executive and a Program Director at ENHANCE, a Startegic Management Consultancy Firm

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