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Cosmetics: Science and Technology
Author(s) :Balsam S.M., Sagarin Edward

ISBN : 9788126516728
Name : Cosmetics: Science and Technology
Price : 9995.00
Edition : 2nd Edition
Volume : 3 volumes
Author/s : Balsam S.M., Sagarin Edward
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 2128
Year of Publication : Rpt. 2008
Publisher : John Willey/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
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About the Book

Cosmetics: Science and Technology has many predecessors and among its contemporaries does not pretend to preempt the field. The burgeoning of a science of cosmetics, a technology of cosmetics, without the abondonment of what must in part remain a craft, a skill and an art, brought forth several excellent books in various languages, which sought to summarise the state of the knowledge. Among these Cosmetics: Science and Technology, published for the first time in 1957, was unique in that it was a collective effort of 61 specialists in the field. In this aspect lies both the potential strength and possible hazard of such an undertaking. The first edition a heavy volume of more than 1400 pages, was reviewed widely and enthusiastically by science and trade journals and was warmely received by members of the profession. In reviewing the chapters for the second edition, some authors considered it necessary to start anew, with a completely different approach, based on the research findings. Some changes that have occurred are not reflected in science and technology, but are, rather in fashion and fad. Such changes concern the chemist insofar as the products are affected by the fancy of the day, but they are irrelevant to a description of the state of the science. Volume 1 contains descriptive material on the manufacture and formulation of fifteen different products and classes of products. Volume 2 contains descriptive material on the manufacture and formulation of eighteen different products and classes of products. Volume 3 contains chapters on the physiology of the skin and hair, the physiology of sweat, the use of colours in cosmetics, problems of quality control, presentation and phychological testing, historical information and legal information. Salient Features Rewrote the chapters to bring them up-to-date Regulations of colours and colour additives have been expanded, bringing about toxocological studies Bacteriological aspects of cosmetic products have been explored and studied


Volume 1: Cleansing Creams and Lotions - Emollient Creams and Lotions - Hormone Creams, Baby Toiletries - Hand Creams and Lotions Skin Lighteners and Bleach Creams - Suntan Preparations, Beauty Masks - Foundation Makeup, Face Powders - Rouge, Lipsticks, Eye Makeup, - Dentifrices, Mouthwashes Volume 2 : Shaving Preparations - Preshave and Aftershave Preparations - Depilatories, Shampoos - Hair-Grooming Preparations Permanent Waving products, Hair Straighteners - Bleaches and Related Products - Hair Conditioners and Related Products - Antiperspirants and Deodorants, Aerosol Cosmetics - Aerosol Hair Products, Bath Preparations - Nail Lacquers and Removers - Fingernail Elongators and Accessory Nail Preparations - Eye Lotions, Fragrance - Emulsified and Solid Fragrances Volume 3 : Status and Structure of the Cosmetics Industry - Historical Development of the Cosmetics Industry - Physiology of the Skin and Its Appendages - The Physiology and Pharmacology of Sweating - Sensitivity Testing, Quality Control - Preservation of Cosmetics - Self-Regulation in the Cosmetic Industry-A View from a Scientific Vantage Point - Legal Consideration and Regulatory - Procedures Governing Cosmetics Color in Cosmetics, Emulsification - Processing of Alcoholic Fragrance Solutions - Performance and Psychometric - Evaluation of Cosmetics

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