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Earth and Atmospheric Disasters Management: Natural and Man-made
Author(s) :Navale Pandharinath, C K Rajan

ISBN : 9788178001876
Name : Earth and Atmospheric Disasters Management: Natural and Man-made
Price : 1495.00
Author/s : Navale Pandharinath, C K Rajan
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 374
Year of Publication : 2009
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
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About the Book

The book has been designed to serve as a text/reference book on disaster management for undergraduate and postgraduate students who opt it as a special subject, the scientific community and professionals.


· General aspects of Disaster Management Plan

· All aspects of cyclones and their potential damage by wind, rainfall, storm surge, modern techniques of detection and four stage IMD warnings along with do’s and don’ts

· Earthquakes, Avalanches and Landslides

· Hazards those are associated with the convective clouds like thunderstorms, hailstorms, lightening, dusts and storms, local severe storms – Andhi, Kalbaisakhi, Western Disturbances and thick fog in its wake, Tornadoes, Waterspouts, Cold waves, Heat waves in India

· Environmental pollution of air, water and soil, Pollution standards, Smog, Acid rains, Global Warming and consequences

· General Aviation hazards and safety measures in India

· Modern aids in communication and detection of hazard potentials

· Deals briefly about man-made disasters

· A glimpse of Disaster Management Act, 2005


1. Disaster Management Plan (DMP) – General, 2. Cyclones and their Hazard Potential, 3. India Meteorological Department and Cyclone Warnings in India, 4. Cyclones Disaster Management – Plan, 5. Action Plan for Cyclone Disaster Management, 6. Role of Different Institutions in Natural Disaster Management, 7. The Role of Defence and other Services in Disaster Management, 8. Floods, 9. Drought, 10. Earthquakes, 11. Hazards associated with Convective Clouds, 12. Environmental Pollution, 13. Aviation Hazards and Safety Measures, 14. Modern Aids of Communication and Detection, 15. A Glance at Disaster Management Act – 2005

About the Authors

Navale Pandharinath, MSc is a retired Director of India Meteorological Dept. He has undergone departmental advanced training in Meteorology at Pune. He has rich experience both in Aviation and Non-Aviation weather forecasting, Cyclone warnings, Flood-met work and Agri-met work. He has contributed papers regularly to “Mausam” and “Vayumandal”, departmental journals of India Meteorological Department, besides various National and International Seminars and Symposiums. He has published two books-A Course in Dynamic Meteorology and The Science of Weather and Environment published by us.

C. K. Rajan, PhD is holding charge as Director , Centre for Monsoon Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. He has got more than 40 years of teaching and research experience in the field of Meteorology and Oceanography. He was Professor and Head of Department, Atmospheric Sciences. Prior to joining Cochin University of Science and Technology. He worked in various positions in India Meteorological Department for nearly 12 years. He has published more than 45 research papers in National and International journals. He has published three books related to weather, climate and Rain. A number of prestigious research projects funded by Ministry of Earth science, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Space, Navy etc have been carried out on advanced areas in Meteorology and Oceanography. Installation of Automatic weather stations at various places across the country under ISROs initiatives and its effective utilization for various applications and to come out with a proper plan, disseminate the same to user groups are his current major activity.
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