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Computer Science: Software and Hardware - A step-by-step Approach
Author(s) :G. Praveen Babu, M. V. Narayana

ISBN : 9788178001562
Name : Computer Science: Software and Hardware - A step-by-step Approach
Price : 130.00
Author/s : G. Praveen Babu, M. V. Narayana
Type : Text Book
Pages : 233
Year of Publication : 2008
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
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About the Book

Computer Sceince - Hardware and Software is a step-by-step practical manual covering the subject in 29 weeks. The modules include training on PC Hardware, Internet & World Wide Web and Productivity tools including MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher.

            PC Hardware introduces the students to a personal computer and its basic peripherals, the process of assembling a personal computer, installation of system software like Windows XP, Linux and the required device drivers. In addition, hardware and software level troubleshooting processes, tips and tricks are covered.

            Internet & World Wide Web module introduces the different ways of connecting the PC on to the internet from home and workplace and effectively usage of the internet. Usage of web browsers, email, newsgroups and discussion forums are covered. In addition, awareness of cyber hygiene, i.e., protecting the personal computer from getting infected with the viruses, worms and other cyber attacks are introduced.

            Productivity tools module would enable the students in crafting professional word documents, excel spread sheets, power point presentations and personal web sites using the Microsoft suite of office tools and LaTeX.

Salient Features

· The approach adopted in the presentation will help the learner to cherish and understand the intricacy of a computer

· Photographs showing hardware parts of the computer are printed in multicolour for more clarity

· The Tailor made weekly system enables even a non-computer background person to learn the concepts of Hardware & Software easily


PART I - Personal Computer Hardware 1. Fundamentals of Computer, 2. Assembling & Dissembling, 3. Installation of Windows XP, 4. Installation of Linux, 5. Basic Commands of Linux, 6. Hardware Troubleshooting, 7. Software Troubleshooting, 8. TEST, PART II - Internet & World Wide Web 9. A Basic guide to Internet , 10. Surf the Internet, 11. Search Engines, 12. Antivirus Software, 13. TEST, PART III - Productivity Tools, LaTeX and Microsoft Word, 14. LaTex & Microsoft Word, 15. Creating a Feedback Form, 16. LaTeX, 17. Microsoft Office Excel, 18. Test, 19. Microsoft Power Point, 20. Microsoft PowerPoint, 21. TEST, Microsoft Publisher

About the Author

G. Praveen Babu obtained M.Tech (Computer Science) from JNTU,  Hyderabad. He is working as Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Information Technology, JNT University, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. He is also Officer–in–charge of Placement and Training Cell. This book is an out come of his teaching experience in the subject.

M.V. Narayana did B.Tech (C S E) from Sir C R Reddy Engineering College, Eluru. He is presently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Swami Ramananda Thirtha Institute of Science and Technology, Nalgonda.
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