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Advanced UNIX Programming
Author(s) :N. B. Venkateswarlu

ISBN : 9788178002422
Name : Advanced UNIX Programming
Price : 375.00
Edition : 2nd Revised Edition
Author/s : N. B. Venkateswarlu
Type : Text Book
Pages : 471
Year of Publication : 2010
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
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About the Book

Since early 1970, Unix Operating System has gone through many metamorphosis. As of now many variants of Unix systems are available and some of them are commercial and whereas the others are freely available. In the recent years, Linux, a public domain, freely available. Unix variant has attracted the people very much. Till today, Unix is believed to be bread and butter of Computer Science intern's. In this book, first nine chapters deal with “how to get hands on exposure to Unix Operating System”. Subsequent chapters explain “Unix internal programming”. All the examples given are tested under Linux environment. Salient Features • Examples given in Processes are very illustrative and concept oriented. Simple examples are taken to explain the concepts in thorough manner • Chapter on Signals explains the reliable and unreliable way of handling signals while introducing the basic concepts from scratch • Chapters such as pipes, message queues, shared memory, semaphores and memory mapping are dealt in detail with vivid examples, such that, the users can immediately correlate their theoretical concepts learnt in Operating Systems courses with practical programming examples, explained in this book In Second Edition • Added a new chapter on network programming under unix. It introduces the reader to elements of network programming using TCP/IP relate system calls • Simple and easy examples are included which are tested under Linux


1. Introduction to Unix system 2. Vi Editor 3. Redirection Operators 4. Filters 5. Pipes 6. Awk Command 7. Backup Commands 8. Internet Related Commands 9. Shell Programming 10. Unix System Calls 11. Unix File System Calls API 12. Unix System Calls API for Directory Operations 13. Standard Library Functions 14. Process 15. Process Timers 16. Signals 17. Unix Memory Management 18. File Locking 19. Pipes 20. Message Queues 21. Shared Memory 22. Semaphores 23. Memory Mapped Files 24. Network Programming: A Brief Introduction

About the Author

Dr. N. B. Venkateswarlu got his B.Tech from Sv University, Tirupathi, M.Tech from IIT-Kanpur and PhD from BITS, Pilani on the topic of “Some Efficient Serial & Parallel Image Processing Algorithms”. He started his teaching career in the Computer Science Dept. of BITS Pilani, and was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Leeds, UK, during 1993-95. Currently, he is a senior Professor and Head, IT Department of GVP College of Engg, Madhurawada, Visakapatnam. He is also the founder Director of the RITCH Center at Visakhapatnam. He has contributed papers in International Journals and Conferences. He edited/ authored – “Introduction to Linux: Installation and Programming”, “Linux Programming Tools Unveiled” and Unix/ Linux FAQ published by BS Publications, Hyderabad
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