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Sustainable Water Resources Management and Impact of Climate Change
Author(s) :K. Srinivasa Raju, A. Vasan

ISBN : 9788178002262
Name : Sustainable Water Resources Management and Impact of Climate Change
Price : 1895.00
Author/s : K. Srinivasa Raju, A. Vasan
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 521 pages
Year of Publication : 2010
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
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About the Book

Climate change is one of the major challenges to researchers in recent times. The impact of climate change on water resources around the globe has serious implications like, changing water levels and climatic temperatures which in turn affect the economy and future as a hole. In addition, water resources are depleting day by day due to the exponential demand from sectors like irrigation, domestic consumption and industry. Along with quantity, quality is also deteriorating mainly due to the indiscriminate use of ground water to hazardous levels, pollution of rivers and improper management of waste water. Topics covered: Sustainable water resources planning and management Impacts of climate change on water resources management Systems approach to hydrologic problems and modeling Prediction in ungauged basins Water quality, wastewater treatment and management Groundwater issues, remediation and modeling Urban hydrology including storm water management Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing in water resources management Applicatios of ANN, fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms to water resources planning and management Coastal Hydraulics Rain water harvesting, artificial recharge and water conservation measures Newer technologies in water resources management


Chaotic Nature of Rainfall Series and Nonlinear Ensemble Prediction Safe Drinking Water Generation and Management for CEERI Colony Residents- A Case Study Knowledge Extraction from Neural Network Based Hydrologic Models: A Review Inter-Comparison of General Circulation Models for Hydrologic Predictability Assessment of Climate Change for an Arid RegionMultivariate Statistical Analysis of Flood Flows Using Copulas Pattern of Rainfall Extremes in Ontario Analysis of Flow Pattern Versus Possible Climate Change in a Sub-Humid River Basin of the Western Ghats Impact of Climatic Change in Mining and Industrial Region of Angul-Talcher Coalfield, Orissa, India Managing Climate Change in Himalayan Mountains and Its Implications for the Indian Sub-Continent Conservation Agriculture: A Potential Approach to Enhance Resource Use Efficiency, Carbon Sequestration and Mitigate Climate Change Climate Change and Artificial Ecosystems Climate Change, its Impact on Ground Water Resources and Effective Water Management in the Context of Climate Change Regionalization of Flow Duration Quantiles - Comparison Of Multiple Least-Squares Regression and Artificial Neural Networks Approaches Uncertainty Quantification for Predicted Streamflow Through a Semiparametric Approach Optimal Annual Allocation Model for Nagarjunasagar Project by Multi Level Approach Short Duration Rainfall Analysis for Kakinada City Performance Evaluation of Rainfall- Runoff Modeling Using Levenberg- Marquardt Algorithm Reservoir Sedimentation Studies to Re-Estimate Useful Life of a Reservoir Optimal Design of Water Distribution Network for Equity in Water Supply Uncertainty Analysis of a Water Distribution System in Conjunction with a Water Quality Model Monitoring Reservoir Sedimentation Using Remote Sensing Technique FEM and GIS Based Simulation Modelling of Watershed for Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Delineation and Mapping of Microwatersheds and Traditional Rainwater Harvesting Structures in Mulki River Basin for Sustainable Development Rainfall - Runoff Modeling Using GIS and Digital Elevation Model of a Ungauged Basin The Necessity of GIS in Calcualting Canal Conveyance Losses for an Irrigation Command Area GIS Application in Hydrogeological Studies Impact of Embankment System on Water Bodies of Majuli Island: A GIS Based Study Rainfall and Runoff Process Using Overland Time of Concentration and GIS Using Remote Sensing and GIS Tools for Hydrological Analysis of Ramganga Watershed, Uttarakhand State Development of Hydrus-1d Interface in GIS for Simulation of Moisture and Nitrogen Dynamics in the Cropped Area of IARI Farm Development of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Models for Prediction of Evapotranspiration of Wheat Crop At IARI Farm, New Delhi Development of Integrated Techniques for Watershed Management in Neeru Konda Village Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge - A Success Story of a Well Irrigating 200 Hectare Area Drip Designs for Cotton Crop Suiting to Different Land Configurations, Crop Geometries, Location and Discharge of Water Sources and Duration of Power Availability Micro Irrigation Scheduling for Okra with Drip as a Measure to Combat Climate Change with Respect to Plant Age, Pan Evaporation and Emitter Discharge Indicators for Irrigation System Evaluation: An Overview Contemporary Practices in Water Resources Management Sensor Network Testbed for Flood Monitoring Low-Cost Jet Clariflocculators A Study of Saline Freshwater Interface Phenomena in the Mahanadi Delta Region: Orissa, India Assessment of Ground Water Quality in the Singanallur Sub-Basin of Coimbatore City Assessment of Pollution Intensity of Wetlands of Coimbatore City UASB Effluent Treatment Technology - The Indian Scenario Anaerobic Treatment of Tannery Effluent by Adding Tapioca Starch Wastewater as Co Substrate Assessment of Bacteriological Quality of Drinking Water Performance Evaluation of Waste Water Treatment Plants of Karunya University, Coimbatore Influence of Admixture on Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of a Sandy Soil

About the Authors

K.Srinivasa Raju Ph.D (IIT, Kharagpur) is Associate Professor in Civil Engineering Group, Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. He has more than twelve years of teaching and research experience. He was a Post Doctoral fellow at ENGREF and LAMSADE, Paris, France in 2000. He is a recipient of several awards for his research work and has published numerous papers in various national and international journals. His areas of interest include water resources systems, multicriterion decision making, artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic. A.Vasan Ph.D (BITS, Pilani) is Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering Group, Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. He has been actively involved in teaching and research work for the past ten years. He was a Post Doctoral Fellow in The University of Western Ontario, Canada during August 2007 to July 2008. He has authored several peer-reviewed papers to international journals and presented several papers in international and national conferences. He serves as reviewer for number of scientific research journals. His research interests are in mathematical modeling and optimization of water resources systems using non-traditional optimization algorithms.

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