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Modern Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy
Author(s) :G. D. Gupta, N. K. Jain

ISBN : 9788188449941
Name : Modern Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy
Price : 495.00
Author/s : G. D. Gupta, N. K. Jain
Type : Text Book
Pages : 463
Year of Publication : Rpt. 2018
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
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About the Book

Traditional practice as well as orientation of Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy has undergone drastic changes. The spectrum of activities of the pharmacists involved in Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy is widening with a greater focus and emphasis on health care delivery. The book ‘Modern Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy’ comprises chapters such as Genesis and Evaluation of Pharmacy, Principles of Dispensing, Prescription, Pharmaceutical Calculation, Posology, Mixtures, Solutions, Emulsions, Powders, Lotions and Liniments, Suspensions, Ointments and Miscellaneous Preparations, Extraction and Galenical Products, and Incompatibility. This book also covers Organization of a Hospital Pharmacy, Drug Distribution, Drug Information Centre, Hospital Management and Records as applicable in modern hospital pharmacy. The main aim of writing this book is to present up to date knowledge to maintain a balance between the traditional and the modern techniques of dispensing and hospital pharmacy. An attempt has been made to include the newer concepts and latest knowledge relevant to a pharmacist as a member of health care delivery system


1: Genesis and Evaluation of Pharmacy, 2: Principles of Dispensing, 3: Prescription, 4: Pharmaceutical Calculation, 5: Posology, 6: Mixtures, 7: Solutions, 8: Emulsion, 9: Powders, 10: Lotions and Liniments, 11: Suspensions, 12: Ointments, 13: Miscellaneos Preparations, 14: Extraction and Glanical Products, 15: Incompatibility, 16: Organization of a Hospital Pharmacy, 17: Drug Distribution, 18: Drug Information Centre, 19: Hospital Management, 20: Records, 21: Drug Interaction

About the Author

Prof. N. K. Jain, Ph.D presently working as Professor of Pharmaceutics, Dr. Harisingh Gour University (formerly University of Saugor). Earlier he worked as Principal, College of Pharmacy, Nasik; Principal, College of Pharmacy, New Delhi; Visiting Professor, Dubai Pharmacy College, Dubai (UAE). Prof. Jain has to his credit over 300 publications in reputed pharmaceutical Journals. He is also a reviewer for several International and National research journals. He has supervised 25 Ph.D and 65 M. Pharm. students. Prof. Jain is the author of many celebrated books. Dr. G. D. Gupta, Ph.D is presently working as Professor and Principal, Amar Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Jujhar Singh Memorial College of Pharmacy, Bela (Ropar). Also he worked as Principal, GRY Institution of Pharmacy, Borawan, and then founder Principal at Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sagar (MP). He has published many research papers in National and International Journals and presented papers at conferences and seminars. Prof. Gupta is the author of six professional books.

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