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Pharmaceutical Engineering Practical Manual (Unit Operations)
Author(s) :Sudhakara Reddy Pondugula, G V Chandrasekhar, M Sharath Chandra

ISBN : 9788188449873
Name : Pharmaceutical Engineering Practical Manual (Unit Operations)
Price : 175.00
Edition : 2nd Edition
Author/s : Sudhakara Reddy Pondugula, G V Chandrasekhar
Type : Text Book
Pages : 131
Year of Publication : 2009
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
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About the Book

The Second Edition of the Practical Manual is necessitated for inclusion of the following important experiments:

• Organised substances by Percolation Method

• Continuous Hot Extraction Method

• Factors affecting the Rate of Evaporation

• Effect of Particle size on Sedimentation Rate As usual, the Practical Manual is written in lucid language and self-explanatory form. This expanded version is now more comprehensive and student friendly and B.Pharma students will highly benefit.


1. Determination of Radiation Constant of Iron Cylinder 2. Determination of Radiation Constant of Brass Cylinder 3. Determination of Radiation Constant of Copper Cylinder 4. Heat Loss by Natural Convection and Radiation (Painted Flask) 5. Heat Transfer by Natural Convection and Radiation (Unpainted Flask) 6. Size Reduction and Separation 7. Flow of Fluids (Frictional Factor) 8. Flow of Fluids (Reynold’s Number) 9. Rate of Drying 10. Particle Size Analysis 11. Effect of Filter Aids on Rate of Filtration 12. Factors Affecting the Rate of Filtration 13. Determination of Humidity of Air (By Dew Point & Psychrometric Methods) 14. Determination of Crystallization 15. Simple Distillation 16. Steam Distillation 17. Verification of Stoke’s Law 18. Sedimentation by Centrifugation 19. Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (Counter Current Flow) 20. Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (Parallel Flow) 21. Determination of Azeotropic Mixtures 22. Construction of Boiling Point Diagram 23. Efficiency of Single And Multiple Extractions 24. Determination of Solubility Curve 25. Fluidized Bed Dryer (Demonstration) 26. Filter Press (Demonstration) 27. Evaporation Under Reduced Pressure (Roto Evaporator–Demonstration) 28. Extraction of Organised Substances by Percolation Method 29. Continuous Hot Extraction Method 30. Factors Affecting the Rate of Evaporation 31. Effect of Particle Size on Sedimentation Rate

About the Author

Sudhakar Reddy Pondugula, M. Pharm, is presently working at Alphamed Formulations Pvt. Ltd. Before taking up the present assignment, he was in academic side. He was having two and half years of teaching experience as Asst. Professor. G. V. Chandrasekhar, M. Pharm, is working as Research Scientist, at APLRC, Unit-IV, a division of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Miyapur, Hyderabad. M. Sharath Chandra, M. Pharm, is working as Asst. Professor at PNR College of Pharmacy and also Managing Director of Elixer Acadamy, Hyderabad.

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