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The Nobel Laureates and their Legacies: A Survey of Contributions to Economic Thought
Author(s) :Prof. BSR. Rao

ISBN : 9789383635511
Name : The Nobel Laureates and their Legacies: A Survey of Contributions to Economic Thought
Price : 3495.00
Volume : I & II
Author/s : Prof. BSR. Rao
Type : Text Book
Pages : 1341
Year of Publication : 2015
Publisher : BS Publications/BSP Books
Binding : Hardback
Table of Contents : Click here
Chapter1 : Click here
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About the Book

The two volumes summarise significant contributions of sixty-seven winners of Nobel Memorial Prize for economic sciences during 1969 to 2010. The contributions are under seven major heads General Equilibrium Theory, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Financial Economics, Interdisciplinary Research, New Methods of Economic Analysis: Econometrics etc., and Game Theory.

     Besides covering their main contributions, the volumes also provide a short biographical sketch of each of the winners, in order to make the reader appreciate the progress over time of each of them in some cases the hardships they had encountered and privations they had to pass through. A select bibliography of work of each of the winners is also given to help further studies.

Volume I:

Section I Macroeconomics, Chapter 1-Milton Friedman, Chapter 2-Bertil Gotthard Ohlin, Chapter 3-James Edward Meade, Chapter 4-Theodore Wilhain Schultz, Chapter 5-Sir William Arthur Lewis, Chapter 6-Lawrence Robert Klein, Chapter 7-James Tobin, Chapter 8-Franco Modigliani, Chapter 9-Robert Merton Solow, Chapter 10-Robert Emerson Lucas JR, Chapter 11-Robert Alexander Mundell, Chapter 12-Finn Erling Kydland & Edward Christian Prescott, Chapter 13-Edmund Strother Phelps JR, Chapter 14-Paul Robin Krugman, Chapter 15-Peter Arthur Diamond, Dale Thomas Morntensen & Christopher Antoniou Pissarides, Section-II - Financial Economics, Chapter 16-Harry Max Markowitz, Chapter 17-William Forsyth Sharpe, Chapter 18-Merton Howard Miller, Chapter 19-Robert C Merton & Myron Samuel Scholes, Section III - Awards For New Methods of Economic Analysis Econometrics etc, Chapter 20-Ragnar Anton Kittel Frisch, Chapter 21-Jan Tinbergen, Chapter 22-Wassily Wassilyovich Leontief, Chapter 23-Leonid Vitaliyevich Kantorovich, Chapter 24-Tjalling Charles Koopmans, Chapter 25-Sir John Richard Nicholas Stone, Chapter 26-Trygve Magnus Haavelmo, Chapter 27-James Joseph Heckman, Chapter 28-Daniel Little Mcfadden, Chapter 29-Clive William John Granger, Chapter 30-Robert Fry Engle III.

Volume II:

Section IV - General Equilibrium Theory, Chapter 31-Paul Anthony Samuelson, Chapter 32-Sir John Richard Hicks, Chapter 33-Kenneth Joseph Arrow, Chapter 34-Gerard Debreu, Chapter 35-Maurice Allais, Section V - Microeconomic Theory, Chapter 36-George Joseph Stigler, Chapter 37-James Alexander Mirrlees, Chapter 38-William Spencer Vickrey, Chapter 39-George Arthur Akerlof, Chapter 40-Andrew Michael Spence, Chapter 41-Joseph Eugene Stiglitz, Chapter 42-Vernon Lomax Smith, Chapter 43-Leonid Hurwicz, Eric Stark Maskin & Roger Bruce Myerson, Section VI - Interdisciplinary Research, Chapter 44-Simon Kuznets, Chapter 45-Friedrich August Von Hayek, Chapter 46-Gunnar Myrdal, Chapter 47-Herbert Alexander Simon, Chapter 48-James McGill Buchanan Jr., Chapter 49-Ronald Harry Coase, Chapter 50-Gary Stanley Becker, Chapter 51-Robert William Fogel, Chapter 52-Douglass Cecil North, Chapter 53-Amartya Sen, Chapter 54 -Daniel Kahneman, Chapter 55-Oliver Eaton Williamson, Chapter 56-Elinor Ostrom, Section VII Awards to Contributions in Game Theory, Chapter 57-John Forbes Nash Jr, Chapter 58-John Charles Harsanyi, Chapter 59-Reinhard Selten, Chapter 60-Thomas Crombie Schelling, Chapter 61-Robert John Aumann.

About the Author

The author of the two volumes, Professor B.S.R Rao, had a distinguished academic career of over five decades. He was educated in India and USA. He was formerly Professor and Head, Department of Economics, University of Pune, Reserve Bank of India Chair Professor of Finance, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune and teaching fellow, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. He was Ford Foundation Exchange Research Scholar at Wharton School of Finance and Commerce USA, 1965-66. He has academic association with Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Madras (now Chennai) and National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), New Delhi.

            Professor Rao authored/co-authored a number of books and professional articles and guided a large number of students for Ph. D. and M. Phil in Economics and Finance. He was a member of committees of University Grants Commission and the Union Public Service Commission.
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