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Rodents for Pharmacological Experiments
Author(s) :Tapan Kumar Chatterjee

ISBN : 9789383635313
Name : Rodents for Pharmacological Experiments
Price : 350.00
Author/s : Tapan Kumar Chatterjee
Type : Reference Book
Pages : 284
Year of Publication : 2014
Publisher : PharmaMed Press/BSP Books
Binding : Paperback
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About the Book

The book entitled “Rodents for Pharmacological Experiments” covers important pharmacological experiments on two kinds of rodents (mice and rats). The book describes wide range of contents and author has taken into consideration to enlighten all important topics related to pharmacological experiments with mice and rats. Section A of this book comprises about care, breeding, handling and nutrition etc. of laboratory mice and rats. Section B assembles most important methods for screening pharmacologically active substances using mice and rats. The methods described here are thoroughly and vividly written, thus providing readers with up-to-date information. This book also include two important topics like “Guidelines for care and use of animals in research” and “GLP for animal research”. The book would obviously create interest to those researchers, who are in the quest of new pharmacologically active drugs. A variety of investigators in the field of Pharmacology, pharmaceutics, physiology, pharmacognosy, toxicology may find useful information and data for their research works from this book.

Key Features of the book:

• Seventy different types of pharmacological experiments

• Several important tables related to pharmacological experiments

• Twenty three data tables related to mice

• Twenty seven data tables related to rats

• Appendix


SECTION – A: GENERAL DISCUSSION ABOUT MICE AND RATS, The Laboratory Mouse, Data Related to Mice (Tables), The Laboratory Rat, Data Related to Rats (Tables), SECTION – B: EXPERIMENTS ON MICE AND RATS, Instruments used for Mice and Rats Experiments, Drug Doses used on Laboratory Mice and Rats

About the Authors

Dr. Tapan Kr. Chatterjee, M.Pharm.,Ph.D.,FIC,

Current Position: Associate Professor, Division of Pharmacology, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

                Dr.T.K. Chatterjee, an Ex-UGC( Govt. of India) Research Scientist and presently a Faculty member of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology,  Jadavpur University, Kolkata, has been actively engaged in Pharmacological & toxicological research and teaching for the last 3 decades.

                He has been resourceful contributor of more than ninety research papers in journals of National and International repute and he has to his trust worthiness as a distinguished author of books entitled  “Hand book on Laboratory Mice & Rats” (1993), “Herbal Options” (1st edition 1996, 2nd edition 1997, 3rd edition 1999), “Chemotherapy of Tropical Parasitic Infections” (1st edition 1995, 2nd edition 1999), “Skin – Diseases and Treatment” (1st edition 1999), “A Handbook of Pharmacology” (2011),”Antidiabetic plant Stereospermum suaveolens (Roxb.) DC” (2012), “Pharmacological properties of Coccinia grandis L.Voigt” (2012), “Medicinal plant Abrus precatorious L.” (2012) that attracted widespread recognition from various organization of Pharmaceutical, Medical and allied sciences. International conferences in different countries like Sweden, Germany, Belgium and U.K. have also been enriched by his resourceful papers, a number of times. Dr. Chatterjee is also a freelance Bio-Medical writer with appreciable expertise. He was felicitated by different organizations awarding him with prestigious awards like Ram Mohan Puraskar, Aadi Samman, NIMA Award, NAGARJUN PURASKAR etc. for his contribution in Pharmaceutical sciences.

                With the discovery of a new antibiotic MT81 (Patent No. 156916), Dr. Chatterjee's research work stands in high esteem embracing in depth study on the subject, and thus adding a new plume into his ever increasing contribution in the fields of Medical healthcare.
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